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The Impossible Is A Possible Project

All throughout life I have had naysayers, not-so well wishers, and of course the usual haters, who told me that things were impossible, that I can't do or accomplish certain tasks. I've heard, "You're not gone be sh!@", "you're just like your father", "you'll never be anything", etc, etc. And that was just during my childhood.

Of course it angered me and made me rebellious, but those words were like mantras. When you hear them over and over again, they have a way of embedding into your subconscious mind. And once it is in your subconscious, you are unconsciously unaware, that these words put actions in motion. 

When your mind is fed negativity day in and day out, you tend to start manifesting them into negative actions. This is what happened to me. These words of not being able to achieve things, and that accomplishing anything was impossible for me, started to manifest themselves in my actions. Grades dropping, getting in trouble in school, resorting to illegal means of money on the street, because I thought that was the only success someone like me could achieve. 

But I was WRONG, so wrong. And so were the people that fed this to me. 

Make The Impossible Possible

When Christopher Columbus wanted to sail across the world. Everyone thought that it was impossible, because the world is flat and he would drop off the edge. To us today, that sounds silly. But what we know today, sounded silly during that time. But Christopher Columbus refused to believe this and risked doing the impossible and proved them wrong.

Before there were airplanes, it was thought impossible for humans to fly, until Wilbur and Orville Wright came along.  At one time, it was thought blasphemous and heretical to think that the Earth revolved around the sun, until Copernicus, proved them wrong. 

Even in sports and olympics, world records are getting broken frequently, that people would always think were impossible to break. So do not limit yourself. If there is something that you want to do or accomplish that you feel is impossible, know that it is possible. With the right mindset, the proper education, and a step-by-step action plan, you can achieve anything. 

Make The Impossible A Possible Project

- Determine your goal and list a number of small steps that will lead up to you goal.

- Find and research those whom may have done what you are trying to do. Learn from them, take mentorship from them. In this way you can find out what works and what doesn't from anothers point of view.

- If no one has done what you want to do. Create a mantra or motivational board that you can repeat to yourself daily that pertains to achieving your goal. This will help push you, even at times it's hard to go.

- If you know what it is that you want to accomplish, and now you are inspired or have the motivation, you must act upon it, now. Any journey you take starts with that first step forward. One foot in front of the other, daily. The small, continuous daily actions you perform is a step closer to goal.

- We all fear doing something different; stepping out of our comfort zone. In order to do the impossible, you have to use those fears as a strengthener. To overcome your fears of failing, your fears of doing something different, will give you strength from where you never thought you had and become a driving force that will lead to accomplishing astonishing results.

- One you have reached your set goal, reward yourself, boast about it, share your success. Because you deserve it for the hardwork and determination of accomplishing an impossible achievement.

- Don't stop there! Once you realized that you have accomplished your impossiblity, the journey doesn't stop. Set a new goal, a bigger goal, following the same game plan. And you will soon realize that anything is possible.

- JUST TAKE ACTION! And the impossible will become a possible project

"It's Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible."

~ Walt Disney


Make It A Great Day!

~William Merrick

Skype: shaakirabz

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(Video) Define Genius


How Do You Define Genius?

When most people think of genius, what comes to mind is Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Da Vinci, Archimedes, and the like. But if I were to ask you to define what constitutes a genius, could you picture yourself in that category? 

If not - then, WHY NOT?

Is it because you have not scored an outrageous number on your SAT's or an IQ test? Because you haven't built some great invention or won the Nobel Peace Prize? If you think this is what constitutes a genius, then you are happily mistaken. Yes, I said HAPPILY...because we are all blessed with genius potential. The fact is that most of us are too conformed to even manifest this potential.

Genius Defined

Through the years of numerous encounters and experiences, I noticed something about the genius of people. That it is not within the intellectual capacity that it lies, but within the relentless efforts of bringing forth that creative, originality into fruition, by persistant, unwavering, progressive action, that produces value for themselves as well as others. 

I have been acquainted with a few people who I know to have scored 150 or above on an IQ test. But if I were to mention their names, you wouldn't even know who they are. Why? Despite the fact that they have the IQ of a genius, they still remain to live average lives, working average jobs, doing the same average routines, day after day. They have not acted upon this genius potential. So, although they can brag about a score on a test, they cannot attest to any genius acts.

So what is the difference between a genius and an average person? The genius, no matter how low their Intellectual Quotient, uses whatever intellectual capacity and creativity, by putting it into action, to benefit themselves and others. While the average person, no matter how high their Intellectual Quotient, confine their intellectual capacity and creativity, with contentment for being average as long as they can get by in life.

Define Your Genius

Let's look at Albert Einstein, who's name is synonymous with genius. His contributions to science and humanity, defines his genius. But what he is most well known for is his Theory of Relativity. And this theory was sparked as Einstein thought about a street car racing away from a clock tower at the speed of light, which would seem stopped because the light from the tower could not catch up to the street car even though the clock in the street car would still be ticking as normal.

Although this was a "Eureka" moment for Einstein, how was he going to manifest the evidence? How could he prove this theory? For years on end he pondered this, wrote numerous equations, sat for hours, days, weeks in his chair in constant thought and calulation. He played his violin rigorously, because it was a muse for him. He even went through a divorce, which he asked for from his wife, with the promise that WHEN, not if, he gets the Nobel Peace Prize, he will split the reward with her. 

Through years of failed calculations and obstacles, such as war, deterring his progress, he never wavered, never surrendered, never gave up. And within a span of 10 years he finally concluded his equation of General Relativity. 

It was not his "Eureka" moment that defined his genius, but his tireless efforts through all misfortune and setbacks, to reach his point of success by proving his theory for the betterment of science and mankind.  

This brings new light to genius, which is not a single spark, but what burns from that spark. We all have those moments of genius sparks, those "AHA" moments, but to actually constitute genius, you must manifest it's success with persistant action. 

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

~ Aristotle


Make It A Great Day!

~William Merrick

Skype: shaakirabz

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(Video) Declaration Of Conformity


Declaration Of Conformity

We have all taken this declaration. Well, those who are content with being average, living average lives, and getting average results. But what does that say about us? Hasn't there always been something that you have been good at or something that you thought you had a purpose for? So what is holding you back from your purpose, your reason for being? Well, I have an idea. It is conformity.

Most of us get by in life settling to what our culture, our peers, our society considers is the norm. We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work (9-5), come home, eat dinner with the family, watch TV, go to sleep, then do it all over again day-after-day, like programmed machines. This is due to the fact that this is considered what life consists of; working for a undervalued check every week, just to pay off the necessities to keep us afloat. And if we want to take advantage of the luxuries of life, we have to work countless hours and weekends, till we are too exhausted to even enjoy them.

Tell me if I'm wrong, because this sounds like the life of the average Joe. 

Declaration of Conformity

We have declared that this is what life is. This was instilled in us from our parents, our teachers, our role models. But step back, and think. Take a look at how they have struggled during your time growing up scrimping and scraping. All that they can teach you is only what they know. And because you have taken this in during the development stages of your life, you have conformed to this as being the norm; this is what life is, and you have accepted it. 

Declaration Of ConformityWhat if William Gates or Warren Buffet or Richard Branson would have accepted this conformity? Do you think they would still be the eccentric billionaires they are today? Even if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they were taught that success comes to the one who thinks further than the average person. The one who takes bigger chances and removes fear of failure.

But alot of successful people have come from nothing. Fear of failing is not even a thought. How can you fear losing what you did not have in the first place. While most people sit stagnant saying "Whoa is me", those who want and gain success, say, "Why not me?" Because they know their value, they know their worth, they know what they have to offer. So what do you have to offer?

Declaration of Conformity

Don't declare conformity because it only hinders you from what you are capable of accomplishing. Do you really believe that your worth is that fixed check at the end of the week? Do you really believe that your family is worth the money that you get weekly to pay the bills every month? Do you really believe that you are exempt from all of the luxuries in life, unless you break your back working numerous hours to the point of exhaustion where you can't even enjoy them?

If so, continue to live your average life, with your average job, getting the average pay. Otherwise, break this declaration of conformity and go outside of yourself, outside of the box, and break the norm. You are worth more than you think, and your value is exponential. You have much more to offer than what you have conformed to. 

"Comformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth

~ John F. Kennedy   


Make It A Great Day!

~William Merrick

Skype: shaakirabz

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(VIDEO) KISS (Keep It Simple Smarty)


Keep It Simple In Life!

Why is it that we have to make things difficult for ourselves? The way we handle our work, the way we handle our homes, the way we handle our bills, the way we handle our money, etc. Many of us make poor decisions or choices in life when it comes to our progress, relationships, careers, as well as other things, because we tend to over analyze and overthink these circumstances. We are always trying to figure these things out, because we feel that there is always an underlying, hidden secret somewhere in there.

Ok, then let me tell you the secret ------ There is NO SECRET. Stop trying to turn simple life occurrences in Calculus equations. It's all simple arithmetic. You don't need to be Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra to know what you need to improve in yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else. The only thing you need to do first is stop LYING to yourself, everything else will come into play from there.

You don't need to be a love guru or Don Juan to know how to make your relationship work. Know that men and when are total opposites and whatever you do that upsets them, learn that "I shouldn't do that", and whatever makes them happy and smile, learn that "this is what I should do", as long as it doesn't compromise your values, morals, and integrity. And they should be able to respect that. If not, then that is a red flag that that person may not be it.

Those were just examples, not the complete answers to questions of self-development and relationships. But there are so many things that we wreck our brains over that can go wrong with a situation, that it overshadows and clouds any thought of solutions. So we spend countless time and energy sifting through this cloud adding all kinds of variables to an equation that may just merely be "+'s" and "-'s".

Keep It Simple In Business

Most people feel or think that in order to have a successful career or build a successful business, you must be in writing (Bachelor, Masters, or PhD.) This is far from the truth. Not all successful entrepreneurs or Chief Executives were graduates of any prestigious colleges or even attended college. Some were even high school dropouts. What distinguished them from the unsuccessful was their drive, their passion, their vision, and their unwavering faith in their pursuits.

Those who were successful did not achieve success because of their circumstances or situations or luck, but it was because of how they dealt with them, despite their scholarly knowledge or lack thereof. Because most college graduates do not even end up or achieve any status in the field of their major. And most of those that do, find out that this is not really how they wanted their life to be.

The only knowledge that is important is that of which you'd love to attain. You're true purpose. You should attain as much knowledge in the field or industry, that you desire. Because it would be less work and more enjoyment in the long run.

Just think about that big Physics test you had to take in High School, studying day in and day out.kiss keep it simple Fearing what could go wrong, "what if I don't get it", "what if I get the answers wrong", "what if I fail", "what do I even need this for". All those worries clouding your mind that you can't even see the answers clearly, even though you have been studying all week.

Now think about the hottest song that was out at that time. You listen to it while getting ready for school, you listen to it on the ride to school, you listen to it after school. And everytime you listen you it, you don't have a care in the world. Then you start singing it word for word, not even skipping a beat. Yet, the song isn't even playing, it is only in your mind, but unconsciously you have learned the entiring song from the guitar pluck to the piano keying in the background. You probably still remember the lyrics to this day.

It was easy for you to learn without any fear, any recourse, any consequence. Now take your career or business and put this in the same perspective. Let's take online marketing for example. Most people want to do it and love the freedom and potential it provides. But most people fear, worry, and doubt it, that's why most people fail at it.

Most people think that they have to already be established, they have to be a master in a certain skill, they don't know this, they have to do that. And all this breathes an air of anxiety, worry, and frustation in their minds. They create a cloud of problems that fogs their minds to sift though to find a solution or answer. When the only problem is yourself.

With today's fast paced advances and technology, it makes it much easier and simpler for people to create online business, learn the skills they need to attain, to get in contact with and build relationships with people all across the globe. Yes, talent is innate, but to have the right skill sets, they must be acquired. And let me tell you like this. I don't care what skill it is, it can be learned and it can be mastered by YOU. What you learn and apply on a daily basis, consistently, will form itself into a habit, that will eventually result in a mastery.

So don't fret for what you don't know, because everything that you can learn, at one time, no one knew. But they learned, applied, and mastered. The same process you can achieve for whatever business or career venture you wish to pursue.

Keep It Simple, PERIOD.

Every sound structure is built upon a solid foundation, in this case, our solid foundation for our life is our mindset. How will we perceive obstacles, mistakes, circumstances, people, ourselves. If your foundation is shaky, there is no solid ground to build your structure upon.kiss keep it simple

It's simple, if you want to change what's going on around you, you have to first change what's going on inside you. And once you have solidified your foundation, everything else will come easy. You will lay your structure brick by brick, and eventually you build an unbreakable force.

Any journey starts with the first step. By just putting one foot in front of the other day after day, you will eventually reach your destination. Learn something today that will improve yourself, your business, your relationship, and apply it. Tomorrow learn something new and apply it, adding it to what you applied the day before. Do the same thing the next day and the next day, and so on, and so on, without wavering or quitting a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. Trust and believe, you will see how much easier life can be and the unbelievable results of your simple, yet consistent efforts.

"There seems to be some perverse human characteristc that likes to make easy things difficult."

~ Warren Buffet


Make It A Great Day!

~William Merrick

Skype: shaakirabz

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